Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts 2021.1

Monitor natural hazard events that are occurring around the world

Earth Alerts is a Windows utility that enables you to monitor natural hazards, such as tornadoes, earthquakes or tsunamis, which are currently occurring around the world. The program is packed with easy-to-configure settings, provides you with accurate reports and imagery, and comes with an effective search tool.

To start monitoring a certain area, simply go to settings and select the location of the city in question (US or non-US). You can use the integrated search tool to quickly locate the area you wish to monitor. Sadly, the utility occasionally fails to download the data for the locations that you select (it displays error messages).

In order to get the real-time info, you would need to be connected to the Internet. It might take a while to update its reports if your Internet connection signal is low. The program provides you with accurate information and gives you access to a wide variety of imagery.

All in all, it's worth installing this tool on your PC only if you're looking for an alternative to using your default web browser to search real-time natural calamity updates. The utility is simple to handle, offers you plenty of useful details regarding ongoing natural hazards, and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a built-in search tool
  • Provides you with a detailed map legend
  • Offers you accurate info


  • Occasionally fails to download the data for the locations that you select
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